Take Action: Support Haitian Farmers, Be a Hero of Change!

Join us in empowering Haitian family farmers and creating a brighter future. Your help is needed to combat adversity, overcome challenges, and bring hope to those in need. Your contribution transforms lives, fostering resilience and a brighter tomorrow. 

The Gospel for the Next Generation

The Gospel for the Next Generation Around the world, Tent Mission ensures that children from a young age get to know Jesus. Through the study material Awana, the message of the Bible becomes accessible to children of all ages. In Ghana, a thousand...
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Two Powerful Prayers

A new blog from Terry Nightingale We all know that prayer is important; and that regular time in the Lord’s Presence is as vital as food or oxygen. But occasionally we might find our minds going blank and wondering what to pray about. If that ever...

Christmas Catalog 2023 for download – you asked for it.

Blessings, many have asked for a quick link to download this years Star of Hope's Christmas catalog, we thought it best to put it here.*Star of Hope is our sister organisation, the one that does physical good works. Announcing that Star of Hope is...

God sees what you can become

The disciple John is often described as ‘the one who Jesus loved’. In his own book, he describes himself that way 6 times (for example, in John 13: 23). Most people agree that John was the youngest of the 12 disciples and the others were therefore...


We continue with the AWANA Bible teaching to the children, their interests are at an all-time high,

Would you provide the Gospel to a child if we picked up the feeding and education? When the kids are fed their minds and hearts will open to Jesus.

In the world there is a crisis, we need to keep the kids in school to get a lunch and learn so they can understand the knowledge of salvation.
Is this your thing too?

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