Advance Decision – Living Will

A good life story – let it go on
Living a life that expresses both time and eternity is our hope. To hear the words of Jesus on the last day; “Come, you who have received my Father’s blessing, and take over the kingdom that has been waiting for you since the creation of the world” (Matthew 25:34), we will one day long for this.

When one day we end our days, we hope that our life works have given good fruit and significance. The work of life of Tent Missions founder, Evangelist Erik Gunnar Eriksson left behind still leaves an imprint. Who could have thought that this simple man could be so important to so many?

The revival he had to be involved in during the mid-60s, the mission that was born of this revival and the great social work that was then developed leaves daily handprints after even after Erik Gunnar completed his earthly walk.

There is an inheritance to protect and to cherish, as a forerunner and gift creator to Tent Mission you are a part of Erik Gunnar’s life work in the Lord’s ministry. And your own legacy might just start here.

We hope to bring this thought with you as you write your will. In addition to relatives and friends, you can also include the mission and mission that Erik Gunnar gave his life for. In this way, you also leave an important impression in this world and help change the lives of individuals as well as entire communities, today and for eternity.

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