The Work

Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. Isa 54:2-3

Tent Mission has been doing missions work based on “The Gospel” as presented in the Bible for over 50 years. During this time we have been flexible, responsive and a courageous so we could go into new places and take new initiatives for Christ. Where others hesitate or say it is impossible, we go with Christ. This is always done from Biblical mandates.

We support and encourage local congregations, organizations, pastors, teachers, any national person who God can use to share the Gospel is a potential partner.

Tent Mission is not linked to any particular community or organization yet we cooperate with all churches in matters of evangelism and mission. Because we are independent and work from the message of salvation through grace, we can work with whoever without following denominational manmade rules, rules that prevent the Gospel from being heard!


Our Mission: We reach and teach national evangelists and leaders who then can share the Gospel and change the world for God, one man, woman or child at a time. We put faith into action.

Our Vision: Tent Mission desires to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe to all who choose to hear. We answer the mandate of the Gospel and aim to see it fulfilled.


Where we work

Romania – Helping Romans
Together with the Pentecostal Assembly and others in Medgidia, we help marginalized Romans in Romania as an alternative to them having to go to other countries and become beggars.

The congregation operates a resource center where poor Romans get help and a large apartment house that the congregation received as a gift, will be renovated and accommodate older poor Romans as well as young girls who are at risk of getting into prostitution. Also, the center will be used as a training center in entrepreneurship. In northeastern Romania, we have supported parishes in the same way since the early 1990s. As smaller amounts of money from our givers, each month has become a large amount and all societies have been transformed.

Ukraine – Chernobyl families
The vast majority of us remember Chernobyl children who we sickened by the disaster. Today, the children have grown up and now have their own families.
They never forget the time that Tent Mission came and cared for them. But they also got a foundation in life, based on the Christian faith.
Together with our partners in Ukraine, we now provide Bible teaching and those same children are now inspirations to the communities where they live. Not least because they can grow in the Christian faith, evangelize among their neighbors and win them for God’s glory. This is really needed in an unhappy and war-ravaged country where many need to be free from fear.

Kenya – Wake up in prison
The support sent to Kenya every month goes to our Bible school and evangelism work. A large part of the Christian work is done in prison, Shimo la Tewa is the name of the prison where several hundred prisoners have been saved in recent years. When it is time to be released, Tent Mission is ready to help them back to a new life in society without crime. Several of the men are today evangelists and pastors!

Argentina – Bible School
In northern Argentina, among poor Indians, Tent Mission has been working for more than 40 years! Our only non-National missionary, Kent Johansson, thanks to our monthly donors, can continue to educate and inspire devoted Christians to win their neighbors and friends for Christ. More than 150 new parishes have been formed in the region. The support for Argentina is invaluable.

Philippines – School missions
At Star of Hope school in Taytay there are about 1000 high school students. Two years ago, a Christian school team was formed to guide young people into faith. Since then, more than 200 students have been saved.
It is the Tent Mission missionary who, together with the local congregation, ensures that the students get their own Bible and that the school evangelists can continue to help their comrades to the Christian faith. Yes, this work is done in school by students!

All we do in a simple format is “to lead by faith in action” men, women, and children, who will hear to the message of Jesus Christ, and then nurture those who make a decision for Christ.